Commercial Kitchens

Your restaurant has to run at peek performance.

Commercial Restrooms

No room for downtime!

Commercial Plumbing in Charleston & Summerville

Not all plumbers are prepared for commercial plumbing jobs. Suncoast Plumbing has the experience and qualifications to service your commercial establishment in the Summerville and Charleston areas.

A qualified commercial plumbing establishment will…

  • be prepared for the scale of the job,
  • be familiar with all applicable health codes and regulations for commercial establishments,
  • make sure that the commercial kitchen drainage is working properly,
  • make sure that the drainage is free from grease and other debris that may cause blockage in foodservice establishments,
  • perform regular commercial plumbing maintenance checks to avoid leaks, clogs, etc.,
  • clean grease trap lines.


leaking tap wastes water and money

Leaking Faucets and Toilets

Leaky faucets in bathrooms and restaurants can waste thousands of gallons of water per year.  A seasoned commercial plumbing establishment like Suncoast Plumbing can provide you with the leak detection assistance you need.

Bathroom Drain Clogs

Commercial bathrooms get no respect.  People are less careful in a commercial bathroom than they are at home.  As a result, bits of paper towel, non-flushable wipes, food, dirt, and feminine hygiene products often get flushed down commercial toilets.  If ignored, these clogs can back up causing sewage to spill out onto the floor of the bathroom.

Train your employees to look for and report slow-running drains, and contact an experienced, reputable commercial plumbing establishment to inspect the drain. Minimally, not having a fully functioning restroom can cause customers to go elsewhere.

Water Temperature Problems

Commercial hot water supply systems are far more complicated than residential systems. Additionally, they must adhere to strict licensing guidelines and board regulations. Loss of heat can be both disruptive and time-consuming to your Summerville or Charleston business. When dealing with heat loss, it is best to contact a commercial plumbing establishment.


Rinnai commercial tankless water heater

Tankless Water Heater for Efficiency

Many commercial establishments have a need for a greater quantity of hot water. As a result, many are turning to the more efficient tankless water heaters because they take up less space and only heat water as it is needed saving you a good deal of money in the long run. Whether your Summerville or Charleston establishment uses traditional or tankless water heaters, it is important that you have routine maintenance done by an experienced commercial plumber to check for and mitigate such issues as corrosion, sediment accumulation, gas leaks, leaking water, and temperature loss. It is best to call an experienced, reliable commercial plumbing establishment.

Our Commercial Plumbing Experience

Suncoast Plumbing has over 20 years experience working with commercial plumbing.  We are licensed and insured and offer emergency services for all commercial establishments from restaurants and nightclubs to hotels and office buildings in and around Summerville and Charleston.

For commercial kitchens in Summerville and Charleston, we specialize in

  • servicing floor drains and floor sinks,
  • keeping drains free of grease build-up with our hydro-scrubbing jetter system,
  • providing portable machines to get into tight parking spaces when your parking lot is full,
  • providing flush valves for high pressure toilets and urinals, and
  • eliminating downtime by keeping our vans fully stocked with repair parts.

If you notice any of these tell-tale signs of water problems, call us immediately to come out and do an inspection:

  • Slow-moving drains
  • Water pressure changes
  • Toilets requiring multiple flushes
  • Drips, puddles, and wet floors
  • Sewer and other unpleasant smells

Commercial Gas Line

Because Suncoast Plumbing is a fully licensed mechanical contractor, we are able to install gas lines for commercial restaurants and other hospitality kitchens. If you are upgrading your hot water heater or switching to a tankless water heater, upgrading your gas line might be necessary.  We are also licensed for gas safety tests and can locate and repair gas leaks that may arise. When it comes to gas, you only want to trust the job to a commercial plumber you can trust who is fully licensed and has the tools and knowledge like Suncoast Plumbing.