Gas Line

All the best chefs cook on gas stoves. Gas burns cleaner than wood in your fireplace and fire pit. We’ll hook up your gas line.

We provide gas line and gas cooking plumbing services in and near Charleston, Goose Creek, James Island, John’s Island, Ladson, Summerville, and West Ashley.

Fire up the pit for relaxing, outside evenings with family and friends. Let Suncoast Plumbing install a gas line for your gas fire pit.
Gas fire pit

Gas Line for your Stove, Oven, Fireplace, Grill, and Fire Pit

What are the benefits of a gas fireplace or pit?

The Lowcountry is equivalent to good friends and socializing.  Fireplaces and fire pits are affordable social magnets. 

Because log burning is dirty, time consuming, and not always reliable, a gas line can improve your social life.

Here are just a few of the benefits of gas over logs: 

  1. Continuous heat because of built-in blower
  2. No chopping, hauling, or storing firewood
  3. No termites
  4. Energy savings – up to 25% savings on your energy bill
  5. No cleanup – no ash
  6. Easy to operate – just flip a switch
  7. Asthma friendly – no smoke to clog lungs
  8. Stylish – so many styles to choose from

If you live in or near Charleston, Goose Creek, James Island, John’s Island, Ladson, Summerville, or West Ashley, give us a call today to get your free estimate on a new gas line installation. Burn clean, and say goodbye to smoke and soot.

ribs on a gas grill

Why convert to a gas grill?

Here are the top reasons people convert their grill to natural gas instead of propane:

  1. Spend more time socializing and less fiddling with the gas tank.
  2. Never run to Home Depot again for a propane tank
  3. Never run out of gas in the middle of a cookout
  4. Stop waiting for charcoals to heat up
  5. Get home from work and fire up your gas grill with the push of a button
Contact Suncoast Plumbing to install a gas line for your gas stove or oven, gas grill, gas fireplace.

Why convert to gas appliances?

Gas vs. Electric in the Kitchen

Top reasons people prefer gas stoves over electric:

  1. reaches heat point faster
  2. consistent flame = easier to regulate temperature
  3. often more energy efficient
  4. dependability – unaffected by power outages

Top reasons people prefer gas ovens over electric:

  1. increased cooking control – temperature changes more quickly
  2. moister cooking
  3. energy efficient
  4. fewer issues having to replace faulty parts
  5. longer life span than electric
  6. dependability – unaffected by power outages

Tankless Water Heater for never-ending hot water



Gas for Your Tankless Water Heater

If your hot water heater is near the end of its life, or if you run out of hot water, consider switching to a tankless water heater.  Tankless water heaters run on gas and need a gas line.  If you already have a gas line to your house, you’re halfway there.

We can complete an assessment to see if you need to upsize your gas line for your tankless water heater. If so, we can complete the upsize and install your tankless water heater.

Check out our Tankless Water Heater page for more details.