Gas Cooking

Cook like a chef on gas. We’ll hook up your gas line.

We provide gas line and gas cooking plumbing services in and near Summerville, Charleston, and the surrounding island areas.

Fire up the pit for relaxing, outside evenings with family and friends. Let Suncoast Plumbing install a gas line for your gas fire pit.
Gas fire pit

Gas Cooking: Stove, Oven, Grill, Fireplace

Why convert to a gas fire pit or gas fireplace?

The Lowcountry is equivalent to good friends and socializing.  Fire pits are great socializing magnets.  However, burning logs is dirty, time consuming, and not always reliable.  

How disappointed will you be when you plan a get-together with your friends only to find that your logs are not dry enough to burn either on your patio or inside the house?  With all the rain we get in Summerville and Charleston, it can be difficult to have a dry stash of fire wood. With a gas line, you no longer have to worry about this.

Firewood is also a magnet for termites.  How many friends and family do you know who have had termite problems?  Gas lines remove the firewood stack lessening your termite host.

Finally, are you turning gray waiting to get those fire logs started on that outdoor fire pit or indoor fireplace? With gas, you flick a switch, and it is on.  Ahhhhh.  No worries.  No effort. Once and done.

If you live in or near Summerville or Charleston, give us a call today to get your free estimate on that new gas line installation. Burn clean and say goodbye to smoke and soot.

Contact Suncoast Plumbing to install a gas line for your gas stove or oven, gas grill, gas fireplace.

Why convert to gas appliances?

Have you ever wondered why all the cooking show chefs cook using gas?  Something to think about. 

When the holidays arrive, you want your holiday meal to be perfect. Do you prefer cooking on a gas stove?  Will you be cooking your turkey or ham in an electric oven or a gas oven?

From Summerville to James Island, it is often warm enough year round to grill outside.  Avoid that propane tank, and get a gas line straight to your grill. 

Finally, will you be having guests in town for the holidays?  Are you concerned you might run out of hot water?  Consider a tankless water heater that runs on gas, so you never run out of hot water again. 


What are the Benefits of Gas Cooking?

This is what my customers say about gas cooking: “It is so much nicer and faster, which makes it so much more convenient.”

Here is what has to say about gas cooking:

“One advantage that a gas oven has over an electric is in the quality of the cooking experience. A gas stove creates a consistent flame which can easily be adjusted and, more importantly, is easy to tell if it’s on or off. Additionally, cooking on a gas range is often more efficient, with the end result rendering food that is cooked faster with greater consistency. Also, adjustments in temperature are faster with a gas oven.”

If you live anywhere from Summerville to James Island, you have great opportunities to entertain.  Why not make sure your food and experience are top notch? Give us a call for a free estimate.

Hybrid Cooking: Gas and Electric

When it comes to cooking, you can have your cake and eat it, too.  If you love your smooth, electric stove top, you can have a gas oven and an electric stovetop.  You do not have to have all gas or all electric. Contact Mike at Suncoast Plumbing for gas cooking answers and a free estimate.

ribs on a gas grill

Why convert to a gas grill?

Why are so many people converting their outdoor grill from propane to gas? The answer is simple; they just got tired of having to change out the propane tank.  This requires having to go get the propane tank refilled when needed, and that can be time consuming.

Having friends over is a time to socialize and spend time with people, not make an emergency run to Home Depot.  How many times have you run out of propane just before, or worse – during, a cookout with your friends and family.  Never worry about running out of propane again because you can have a gas line installed straight to your grill.

Have you been experimenting with charcoal?  If so, you are a die hard.  If you tried it, but it’s not quite for you, consider getting a gas line for your grill.  No longer will you have to wait a full hour or more for the charcoals to catch and heat up.  With a gas grill, you just fire her up, and you are ready to go.  No waiting, no prep work.  If you work long hours and don’t want grilling to add to that, a gas grill could be just what you need.

Tankless Water Heater for never-ending hot water



Gas for Your Tankless Water Heater

If your hot water heater is near the end of its life, or if you run out of hot water, consider switching to a tankless water heater.  Tankless water heaters run on gas and need a gas line.  If you already have a gas line to your house, you’re halfway there.

We can complete an assessment to see if you need to upsize your gas line for your tankless water heater. If so, we can complete the upsize and install your tankless water heater.

Check out our Tankless Water Heater page for more details.