Kitchen Remodel

We help you reach your kitchen remodel dreams.

Bathroom Remodel

Let us upgrade your bathroom.

Kitchen and Bath Remodels and Upgrades

If your home is over 10 years old, you might be looking to give your kitchen and baths a little facelift.  Or you might be looking to tear them out and get a whole new look.  Either way, a kitchen remodel and a bath remodel will increase the value of your home.

If you are looking to sell your home anytime soon, you should be aware that there is a new “HGTV Effect” as realtors are now calling it.  Because of the many home remodel shows on TV, buyers are looking for a home that looks like it just popped off the screen from Property Brothers or Love It or List It.  You name it, if it is on HGTV, people have seen it and want it.

Well, we don’t claim to be Jonathan, Drew, Hillary, or David; however, we will help you complete your kitchen and bath upgrade as affordably as we can. 


Kitchen and Bath Upgrades Don’t Have to be Expensive

Here is how we can help save you money while getting your dream kitchen and bath upgrade:

  • First and foremost, we allow you to be the general contractor to save fees that otherwise would be added to the bill.
  • Demolition can be time-consuming and downright dangerous if you are doing it yourself.  Give us a call, and let us give you a hand or complete it for you.
  • Quality is everything in a fixture. We know which names we fix most and least. We only recommend the best brands from experience. We will recommend the names in faucets and plumbing that have the best reputations.
  • You purchase the product, and we will install it for you. It’s just that simple.
  • Once you know which brands to look among, you can choose whatever you want from the hundreds of faucets that are available.  You can shop at places like Houzz, Home Depot, and Lowe’s with or without coupons. It makes no difference to us.
  • You can design the kitchen you want or go to a designer.  Just show us the plans, and we will help you make them a reality.
  • If you want a gas stove, we can run the gas line for you and hook everything up.
  • We have trained electricians on our team, too.  That’s one less service you have to line up.
  • We also know reliable tradesmen that we are happy to refer to you.  Whatever fits your needs is what we will give you.


To give your kitchen new functionality and beauty,
purchase a new kitchen faucet yourself;
otherwise, you can order it,
and we will pick it up for you.  It’s that simple!

Give us a call for a free estimate.

Beautify Your Kitchen and Bath

Are you looking for a fresh, new look to your kitchen or bathroom? Schedule a free estimate, and we will stop by and recommend the most durable, high-quality products in today’s market: Kohler, American Standard, Moen, and Delta. If you want to save money by purchasing the plumbing fixture yourself and having us install it, we’re fine with that.  Otherwise, you can order the fixture, and we will certainly pick it up for you. It’s that simple.

professional gas stove to help you cook like a professional

Gas Cooking

If you love to cook, you need professional tools. A professional stainless steel stove is a must have for anyone who loves to cook. Let Suncoast Plumbing run your gas line and install your gas stove to keep your family safe from a gas leak. When you want it done, you want it done right!

Pendant Lighting

Modern Lighting

Lighting can set the mood and affect your mood. If you are looking for a quick pick-me-up, consider improving the lighting in your living areas. 

American Standard Rain Shower Head

Luxurious Rain Shower Head

After a long day, you deserve a relaxing, luxurious shower. A new  handheld and rain showers are all you need. Your elderly parents might benefit from a handheld shower head. Save money by picking it up yourself and having Mike install it for you.

Farmhouse Sink and faucet

New Sinks and Faucets

Washing dishes doesn’t have to be unpleasant! When you are surrounded with items that you love, washing and rinsing dishes just might not seem so laborious. Check out new sinks and faucets to brighten your kitchen and ultimately brighten your day.

Demolition & Cleanup

Whether you are demolishing part or all of your kitchen or bath, it can be tricky business.  You could hit electricity or a water pipe behind the wall.  You also might need help capping off a water pipe.  Whether you are a DIY family or not, having an experienced plumber with you will be important.  Give us a call.  You’ll want us by your side.

Moving Pipes

Whether you want to do most of the work or none of the work yourself, when it comes to moving pipes, you want a professional.  Suncoast Plumbing is willing to take care of all of your remodel needs from one part to all parts.