Clogged Drain

Call before your clogged drain causes water and waste damage

Clogged Drain

Whether you have a stopped up toilet, sink, dishwasher, or sewer main, Suncoast Plumbing has the proper equipment and experience to fix your clogged drain. Are you experiencing slow flushing toilets? Does your kitchen sink drain slowly?  Are you standing in ankle-high water by the end of your shower? You could have a partial or completely clogged drain. Don’t wait before it gets too late and serious. If you live in Summerville or the Charleston area, water damage can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. It’s better to fix a clogged drain as a precautionary measure before your life is upended because of water and sewage damage. 

Possible Effects of a Clogged Drain

A clogged drain can be caused by many factors: hair accumulation in a shower or bathtub, small items like a child’s toy dropped down a toilet, sanitary products, food, and more. You can educate yourself on how to avoid clogged drains here.

Clogged Drain in Shower or Bath

Are you standing in accumulated water during any part of your shower when you didn’t use the stopper?  If so, you most likely have a clogged drain.  This is not uncommon if you have long-haired people showering and bathing in that bathroom.  If your attempts to clean it out have been unsuccessful, you might need some more serious plumbing equipment to get the job done.  If you live in Summerville, Charleston, or the surrounding areas, we are available to give you a free estimate and fix your clogged drain for you.  Call for your free drain cleaning estimate.


Overflowing toilet. Call Suncoast Plumbing before you have water damage. 843-732-0244

Clogged Drain in Toilet

Have you ever stood watching the waste in a toilet swirl while the water rises?  You panic! If you don’t have a plunger handy, that water and waste might just overflow onto your floor contaminating everything it touches.  This could be a one-time occurrence because of too much paper use; however, if your toilet is clogging more and more often, you could be experiencing a clogged drain or a blocked sewage line that will most likely only get worse. You don’t want to ignore this issue.  After trying to fix it yourself, if you are not seeing an improvement, please give us a call.  A free estimate could save you a lot of money down the line. (no pun intended)  Call for your free drain cleaning estimate.


Clogged drain in kitchen sink in Summerville.

Clogged Drain in the Kitchen

The drain in your kitchen is working hard,  It handles water from the tap, chunks of food, water and food from the dishwasher, and food ground up by your garbage disposal. If water is draining slowly or backing up into the sink, run the garbage disposal first to make sure the drain is not blocked by food debris.  If this does not fix the issue, you might have a clogged drain.

You don’t want to set the dishwasher before you go to work and return to have 2 inches of water in your downstairs.

Call Suncoast Plumbing as soon as possible to check it out and give you a free estimate.


Blocked Sewage Line

Gross, right? When a sewer line gets blocked, the sewage from your toilets cannot exit your home.  If you continue using your water, the sewage will eventually back up into your bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets as you can see in this picture.

Imagine the contamination.  If your damage is this bad, you will need two different types of cleaning companies to come out to clean it up. 

If you see sewage backing up into your tubs or toilets please stop running your water. The more water you run, the more difficult it will be to remove the water and sewage. We have the proper tools,  equipment, and experience to locate your sewer line and install an accessible sewer line clean out for you. Call Suncoast Plumbing now.  If you live in Summerville, Charleston, or the surrounding areas, we can save you a ton of money preventing you from experiencing a blockage or a main sewer line stoppage.  

Commercial Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

Summerville and Charleston are hotbeds for culinary cuisine.  If you notice slow moving or standing water in a toilet, be sure to call us immediately.  If that toilet were to back up and spill sewage onto the floor, the damage and loss of revenue could be devastating to your business.

Let us service your Summerville or Charleston business. Give us a call or contact us here for your free drain cleaning estimate.

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